3-Locate’s Location Finder watch is a 4 in 1 device.   It's a real watch, a GPS location marker to save your current location, Data Logger to store traveled locations, and Photo Tagger to match locations with pictures taken during your travels.

To use the Location Finder watch, push the save location button at the start of your trip or when you park.  Go about your trip, walk, hike, run, or shopping task knowing you can find your way back using the watch.  When you want to return click another button, one of the eight destination LEDs will point the way then flash when your 50 meters away from your start location.  When your 15 meters away the led will turn solid blue point the direction to your start location.

This fashionable watch is a handy device to have during special trips or journeys you want to remember.  Click the Products link for pricing information.  No phone service SIM card required.

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Location Finder watch - $149
GPS Location Finder watch
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