3-Locate’s Plug-n-Locate GPS Tracker is very simply to use.  The Plug-n-Locate tracker literally plugs into your car and uses its power to pinpoint your location on a map.  There are no worries about charging the unit because it uses power from your cars OBD-II connector found inside the car on the drivers side.  This 2" x 1.8" x 1.0" tracking unit is easy to plug in and start locating the vehicle.

The Plug-n-Locate GPS Tracker sends its location to our easy to use website.   Read more out the Plug-n-Locate GPS Tracker by clicking on the pictures below to open the PDF.  Click links below to read about special uses of the device:

- Plug-n-Locate Teen and Elderly drivers tracking PDF
- Plug-n-Locate Fleet Tracking and Management PDF
- Buy-Here-Pay-Here Used Car Dealerships & Sub-Prime Automobile Finance PDF

Price of the GPS Trackers are all inclusive with a month-to-month SIM card fee after the first 30 days.   Click on the Products link for price information.

Contact info@3-Locate.com for more information
Plug-n-Locate GPS Tracker
Plug-n-Locate GPS Tracker
{as advertised in Porsche Magazine}
$299 - Click to see Plug-n-Locate information PDF
$149 - Click to see Plug-n-Locate (wired) information PDF
Plug-n-Locate (wired) GPS Tracker
Click on picture to see more documentation